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The greatest gift you can give your loved ones in an organized estate.

Wealth Transition Planning with Unity Group Financial

Over the next 10 years Canadians will be passing on the greatest wealth transfer of all time. The government is aware of this and has recently set new checks and balances in the system. The process of settling the estate of a loved one can already be taxing enough, literally. Unity Group Financial helps clients prepare for this in the most effective way possible, allowing for an easy transition in terms of both investments and logistics.

A wealth transition plan takes your executor from feeling overwhelmed and confused to a place of clarity, confidence and control. Family conflicts are minimized and beneficiaries are maximized in a timely manner. Without an adequate wealth transition plan your loved ones could spend years finalizing your affairs, costing them potentially tens of thousands of dollars in legal and accounting fees if your affairs are disorganized or your executor is unprepared. A wealth transition plan mitigates all of these concerns, allowing for peace of mind and a seamless transition.

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