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Business Owners

Your business is unique and so are your own financial needs. As a business owner it’s hard to know how to set yourself up for success, even with great accountants and lawyers on your side. Discover how Unity Group Financial helps business owners just like you.

Financial Advice for Small Business Owners

Financial services for business owners

how to pay yourself as a small business owner

Taxes and income

The biggest money challenge for business owners like you is how to pay yourself to keep more of what you earn. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re leaving money on the table, we can help!

employee benefits and group rrsps

Employee benefits and group RRSPs

Did you know 79% of employees prefer employee benefits over a higher salary. Learn if employee benefits and group RRSPs are right for your business. 

investments for small business owners

Insurance and investments

What kind of insurance do I need for me and my business? Should I invest corporately or personally as a business owner, and what’s the difference between the two?

You’re busy, so we’ll keep it brief. No financial documents needed for your consult.

Why business owners love partnering with Unity Group Financial 

Matt Testimonial

Cooper is very personable. He is very knowledgeable and takes his time to explain. His main goal is to educate so that you can make the right decision and also know why it is the right decision.

– Matt

Jessica Testimonial

Cooper is highly knowledgeable, and always goes above and beyond. He answers all my questions in a timely manner, and provides different options and approaches to investing that are reflective on my needs, goals and comfort.

– Jessica

Jim & Lila Testimonial

We are extremely pleased to have found someone whom we feel is giving us solid advice backed by knowledgeable information regarding current market affairs and also tax implications which could affect our portfolio. We feel that he understands where we stand financially right now and were we want to go in preparing for our future.

– Jim & Lila

Dawn Testimonial

Cooper’s expertise in financial planning and investment guidance has helped our family navigate impossible challenges through Covid market instability. Responsible planning, regular communication and genuine interest in our future is the foundation Unity Group Financial has used to help us build wealth for retirement, and fund our daughters’ education.

– Dawn

Paul & Cathy Testimonial

We really like how Unity Group makes us feel comfortable discussing our financial situation and needs. Also we appreciate that you will explain things in a way that the average person can understand and that you are very patient when you have to explain the same thing several times!! We like that you are flexible on meeting us in our home as well as your office. Also you make us feel confident in your knowledge of the financial planning field.

– Paul & Cathy